Where can I find a good free online grammar checker?
Just search with your favorite search engine putting "free English online grammar checker" in the query box, and it will turn up a number of them.

However, I must caution you that even the best of them are not all that accurate. They frequently suggest corrections that aren't correct, and miss things. Grammar is very complex, and, at least so far, it is beyond most computer programs to be 100% accurate in correcting grammar.

The grammar checker that comes with MacIntosh computers is superior, in my estimation, to the one that comes with Microsoft, but not so much so that it would warrant buying one computer over another for that sole reason. In both cases, and with other online free checkers, you really have to know grammar to know if the machine is right or you are. But, they can be useful in catching careless errors, or errors that are sometimes made when a lot of editing is done, or "cut and paste" and not everything that needs to gets changed correctly.
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