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Thanks!!! Teacher Eric
i was searching for these kind of games sites so that i can intro. them in my site. These are all a useful sites which are leading us to do more thinking than the normal fireing games.
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There is a brilliant game called RuneScape.

Here is the site: www.runescape.com

I never gat bored of it and i don't think u will either.[H]

i will go to it

see you in my topic soon
thanx alot people for the games

my regards
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This site is free...


It has free online word games and free mobile phone software for learning words!
These dictations are free and you can try to improve your English reading speed with timed readings . Not exactly games, but more fun than studying from a textbook!
Here are a couple more sites:


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thanks so much for the word game

my best wishes
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