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play with other players, a hangman game.
makes it more challenging.
url below
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Two new games for young learners (or not so young) are available from L2 for the Christmas period. There is a wordsquare with a Christmas theme, and now you can play with the search words showing or hidden (this is true for all wordsquares). A Christmas wordcross (crossword with picture clues) to put you in the Chrismas spirit.

thank you my dear
That's quite useful!

I like it.
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it's hard to play
There are several new games available on L2's games page aimed at Young Learners who are in their first 3 years of English. These are based on the Cambridge ESOL YLE tests syllabus (Starters, Movers and Flyers).

I hope you enjoy them!
HitchhikerHere's a link to a game I made for a language school: [url="http://www.elanguest.com/games /"]"Lost words", find as many hidden words as possible[/url]

I am playing this game now and I like it.
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Hi There

The following site has lots of free things for students and teachers learning ESL and exam English. Such as,, interactive vocabulary and spelling games, quizzes, word documents, photos.

Some games include hangman, concentration, wordsearches.


Hope you find it helpful and fun!

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