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Hangman, crosswords, wordsearch puzzles, logic puzzles, codewords and test reconstruction:
[url=http://www.esl-lounge.com/student/games.php ] [/url]
heres one its really easy to play


iplz use the refferal link as we both start with extra stuff

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hey guys, thanks alot for these nice games, it's really cool, but don't you have anyone which is written to print it out and play it with my class. I teach English and I wanna use games for making learning more fun for my students, so any help on this part ?

Some word games but written or games which can be played by groups not with whole class, but by dividing it into three groups to have a winner at the end which will be rewarded to be a model for the other 2 groups.

Hope you got the point , see you later

Best wishes
I just created a website for teachers to share ideas for teaching English. If you guys are interested, check it out. www.oshieroo.com .

I am currently teaching English in Japan and wanted a way to share ideas with other teachers, so I made the site...nothing much there yet, but if you want please add some of your own ideas. any questions let me know!
Here are some activities I've been working on - yes, totally FREE!


I'd love some feedback - there are some technical issues which I'm trying to overcome, and I'm aware of them, but any suggestions would be great!

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hello everybody. I 'm begining so I was wanted help to them.If Have you friends then You can communication via nickname: <email addresses removed by mod.>
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English Vocabulary Games - some cool games for practising vocabulary!
There are lots of great word games out there.
Teachers from all over the world create their own EFL games at http://www.linguaspectrum.com
and there are some nice ones to be found here http://www.esljunction.com/esl_games /
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Yes, I loved the new Shakespeare hangman game at linguaspectrum.com