Here's a link to a game I made for a language school: [url=" /"]"Lost words", find as many hidden words as possible[/url]

There are a number of mildly entertaining word games at [url=" "][/url].
You need a Yahoo! email account to play, which you can get for free [url=" ="]here[/url].

If you're up for a real challenge, try some of these [url=""]cryptic crosswords[/url].

[url=" "]Learn English (de)[/url] have hangman, wordsearch, crosswords and lots more. There's also a really good drill for irregular verbs in the grammar section.

[url=" "]English[/url] - Lots of free online word games there!

If anyone has anymore reply to this post, and I'll put them here (only free stuff though)
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Here's one (Medical English) I'm just finishing now - so no graphics yet! It's about 40% done (but it's fun to play!)

There's a sound bug: You will need to refresh the page (F5) when the sounds continues looping..
Thank you so much hitchhiker for you support I’ll try them.

Best wishes
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In the process of trying to learn html I have built a web site with crossword puzzles. I used it to provide homework for my live classes. (Adult migrants.)

I would dearly love some feedback, but please be gentle.

The URL is incorporated with my signature.
Hangaroo (hangman with a kangaroo):

You can download it for free too.

Here you can find some more games similar or the same as those at

You can play most of them for free on-line, but you have to pay if you want to download them.
That's Cool.
you said its 40% complete?
How on earth was I able to play it?
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hi hotwombat
i too have a site on this tripod but i cant stop the advertisements in my site and i need your help so i can do the correct code for it.
i too know HTML and JS.

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