Hello guys, I would like to share with you these free websites to learn english

Hi englishlearner, welcome to EnglishForward [<:o)].

Thanks for sharing, it might be helpful for many people. I'm also using some of the sites shown on the page.
Hi all,

Do you mind if I add one more free English learning website? It's mine. It has lessons, activities, games, ideas and worksheets to teach writing skills to advanced ESL and EFL students.

The site's address is www.eslwriting.org.

It's young and growing. I'd love to get your feedback.


Rob, the webmaster
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Hi Rob,

welcome to EnglishForward [<:o)]. Sure you can add the site. I'll have a closer look again.
Thanks for sharing with us. I visited to that site,pretty good.thanks a bundle.
There are many ways for you to learn and improve your English, such as to hire a teacher, to go to school, to take an

online course, and so on. And among those ways, the cheapest and still efficient way is to learn English online for free.

Top 3 sites

1. Elllo

2. Fun Easy English

3. Go4English.com

Site Hint: Check out our list of pronunciation videos.
I'd like to offer another free blog for those learning English. http://apps.chalkbrd.com/blog

There are MP3 audio files of an American English speaker reading the blog and asking the questions. The audio is at normal speed and also slower to help with pronunciation. There are always 10 questions that are also read both at normal speed and slow speed. The answers for the 10 questions are given the next blog day (the blog runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) so you can check your answers.

The blog entries use repetitious English to help reinforce the structures being targeted.

I hope this can be beneficial to those learning English.

I write a site called PhraseMix which teaches natural English through sentences and phrases:


I also have a links section which lists what I think are the best free resourcess for English learners:

http://www.phrasemix.com/learning-links /

Some examples of sites that I really like are:

Lang-8: for getting your writing checked (http://lang-8.com /)

Brainscape: for creating vocabulary flashcards (http://www.brain-scape.com/create/choose)

RhinoSpike: for getting recordings of things spoken by native speakers (http://rhinospike.com /)