respected sir,

i would like to request you,

please help regarding improve spoken english and pronunciation



respected madam.

i am also interested in learning of english andplease help regarding improve spoken english and pronunciation

Hi , I wanna ask how i can join the Free spoken English. I really wanna speak more in English. Anyone helps me?
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
Dear All;

I am the newcomer.

Can you all help me find the material (e-books, web addresses...) for improving spoken English and pronunciation.

Looking forward to having your kind attention.

i am interesting to learn english

You mean, 'I am interested in learning English'.

Best wishes, CliveEmotion: smile
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Hi to all......
I'm curious to know how many people are from India who want to learn spoken English as though the Written English is perfect......
First of all you need to understand you don't get free lunches.....
Try to invest in something you want to achieve.
I wish all of us can swim with practising or learning and participate in the Olympics.....
Try to find someone locally to learn and use the forums to clear your doubts and learn come tricks of the trade...
If you are based in Chennai in India then you contact me via email for an appointment - <Email address removed by a mod. Please put your contact info in your profile>

why not to find a mate to have a chat with on regular basis?