Does anyone know if there is a corups, or some data sets that have french-english cognates annotated?..
Which is the best way to measure if 2 words are cognates or false friends?

thank you for your time and good luck!

I don't know of any data sets as such, but I would recommend looking up French words in a French-English dictionary. If the definition which defines the French word could quite plausibly also be the definition of the same (or very similar) English word, I would count that as a "true" cognate. If the definition could not apply to the English word, it's a "false" cognate (false friend).

Examples (French word and its English definition):

science: science [true cognate]
comment: how [false friend]
scolastique : scholastic [true cognate]
chair: flesh [false friend]
jalousie : jealousy [true cognate]
sort: fate [false friend]
singe: monkey [false friend]
longitude: longitude [true cognate]

Hope that helps.
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Thank you for your message...the only problem is that i have to decide on the cognates pairs by developing a program, not manualy...but u helpt me, because i now know some more pairs of cognates examples Emotion: wink