Hello. I have a question about frequency adverbs. I appreciate your input......

My teacher taught me that frequency adverbs come before verbs. The only exception is that frequency adverbs come after the BE verb.

But, that doesn't make sense to me because................

Look at this sentence......"I am sometimes read a book." (the frequency adverb is after the BE verb)

Why is that wrong?

Look at this sentence........"I am sometimes lonely."

What is the difference between the two sentences? Why don't we use AM in the first sentence?

Thanks for you help!!
EX: I am sometimes read a book. (Not OK)

'read' is a verb. In English, there can only be one main verb per sentence, so either delete of 'am' or 'read':

I sometimes read books.
I read books sometimes.
Sometimes, I read books.

I am a book. (?)
I am books. (?)

With the verb BE, the object, which is known as the subject complement, describes the subject, so it has to be either a noun or an adjective.
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Thank you for that intelligent explanation.
Just to add to the earlier reply, you can also say:

I am sometimes reading a book.

To be fair, the context in which this might happen would be fairly unusual, perhaps:

"When my mother calls to me to come downstairs, I am sometiimes reading a book, and at other times I am changing my clothes".

The verb here is "am reading", which is a form of the present tense called the present continuous or present progressive. It is used when the intention is to imply that the action is taking place now but also over a period of time that may include the immediate past, or the immediate future, or both.

Colloquially, one might say 'I was read a book' to mean 'a book was read to me'.

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The first sentence isn't correct .You don't need "am" in that sentence