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Roger Taylor of the British pop group Queen wrote song Radio Ga Ga (originally Radio Ca Ca but it was eventually changed because Ca Ca in some languages means „crap“) in 1984. It's called Radio Ca Ca because Roger heard his son Felix once telling that.

When he heard his son telling that, he got inspiration for the song. He closed himself in music studio and started composing some music. He was thinking about his teenage days, about (for him) great music in that days. Music on the radio in 80s didn't mean anything to him, for him that music was empty, made just for money/buisness. He was just listening to the radio...some song was playing – but it was just some „noise“ for him, everything else but not the music, the song. He couldn't understand that music, for him it was nonsense. Then he put some old tape in radio – some 60s songs and everything comes fresh and exciting, he was full of happiness, he couln't stop listening that old great songs. As he listen that songs, he was writing and composing Radio Ga Ga – the melody and words coming out themselves. He was full of inspiration and song was composed in very short time. So in 80s when all music radio was boring and nonsense to him, he just put on some old music or Radio Ga Ga – and all the world was new and fresh.

In short time, Radio Ga Ga become one of the most played songs on the radio, everybody are listening Radio Ga Ga, and everybody thinked about good old radio songs.
Your first effort was much better. Main problems are

Missing or incorrect determiners and prepositions for example 'wrote the song Radio...' 'himself in a music studio' 'about the great music' 'in a short time' stop listening to those great old songs'
Misuse of the verb 'tell'. You need 'say' instead. They do not have the same meaning.

There are other errors but those are the most glaring to me.
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something shorter...

Roger Taylor sit alone and watch light in the dark. His only friend through his dreams, depression, mostly bored but sometimes wild teenage night was the radio. He all answers found listening to the radio.

Radio gave him pessimistic and optimistic feelings, but sometimes crazy ambitious feelings like he could fly.

He critises the radio – he don't wan't that radio become just some background noise, he wants that radio is „with you“.

For him radio and music in 80s are nonsense, just some noise as he mentioned verse before, he still believes in the radio and he knew that radio days are yet to come but also he thinks that radio technology is little behind us.

He hopes that radio won't disappear, he want listen to the radio in old, lonely days and remember some fresh and exciting music as it was in 60s.
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