Helllo everybody hope so fine and this topic of mine does'nt seem as contraversial as it is because when see the western cultre is progressing we didnt have or arise this type of the question but think about the state like Pakistan ,Afghanistan and Iraq and Iran dont you think so there might having any relationship like friendship between men and women if anyone can define about this relationship than tell the intencity of this relationship and purity to maintain and especially the trust.

You are right this is the thing going on there and what about the India itself dude???

I accept that in the bigger cities it's ok but in the rural areas, it's aweful.

Thank you for opinion and want to know about the condition of nepal what is the situation round there is their any restruction and rules for them or they free atmosphere like America or Europe and if it is there than which age groupe you find most do reply to mail add by and please tell about this to your friend ok bye.
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Wow. Well... friendships between men and women happen all the time in big cities, but most of the time they're friends with 'special benifits' (aka sex on the side). In the rural areas, it's just the same, though we're more uptight about it. (sorry, I'm from a very small community) when friends actually have sex, they're expected to go out, become an item in the rural area. When the don't it's shocking.

But that's just how I've seen it go in CA, how is it in your part of the world?
i am afraid some of you have made a confusion. what we discuss now is friendship. it has nothing to do with sex. if two person are having sex, they are lovers. between them there is love or sexual desire, not friendship. i guess what we discuss here is whether men and women can become friends without sex. my answer is yes. i don't think the only thing between a man and woman is sex. there can be attraction and adoration , or they just have some fancy in common. the same hobby or mutual-understanding makes people close too.
Well, i got plenty of friends that are male and female, dont see that as a problem. Although i wont ask my male friends for advice on treating skin, just the same as i wont ask a female friend to go to see a film that is designed for men (ie. cars, women, action, etc).

PS. I dont mean to generalize. But there are exceptions... and im not a sexist male pig. SMILE!
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I think men and women can be just friends in an innocent way. I know plenty of couples - and I count the men as friends as well as the women. I also know some single men who are just friends. When you have a group of friends I think it is natural for there to be both men and women in it, are you supposed to ignore everyone of the opposite sex?

A Hadith said that it's impossible for a man and a woman to be friends without at least one of them falling in love with the other. I have yet proved it to be wrong, though, unless the man is a bit... feminine.