5 months from graduation

Does it mean:

(1) 5 months before graduation
(2) 5 months after graduation
(3) Either, depending on context

I would think only 1 - before graduation.

But let's say, '5 months from now', it doesn't mean '5 months ago', or does it?
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Five months from now is my graduation. Emotion: big smile (i.e. graduation is 5 months away and is still in the future)

Five months from now is:

now(from)------->5 months (i.e. the starting point: now the sequence: forward)

but five months from graduation is not:

graduation(from)-------->5 months


5 months<-------(from)graduation (i.e. the starting point: graduation the sequence: backward)

so the sequence is quite different, isn't it?
That's an interesting point that I never noticed before.

Two weeks from now. Two weeks from yesterday. -- Those "point" forward."

But "We are six months from graduation" means that graduation is still six months in the future.

If you say to a first-year college student "Where do you think you'll be 12 months from graduation," the only meaning I hear is that graduation has not happened yet. The equivalent for pointing forward is "Where do you think you'll be 12 months after graduation."

Of course, this could be an American-ism. Others may hear "12 months from graduation" and think it does mean a year post-graduation date.
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I agree with Barbara and Amy.

The expression relates to the future. The graduation is five months away.
Hi guys,

Usually the context, as well as the verb tense, will make the meaning clear.

However, if not, and if a million dollars depended on it, I'd probably ask 'What do you mean?' to request clarification.

Best wishes, Clive