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The context is technical enough, but I thing, that from that point on can be found in a daily conversation.

Here is context.

commit = log, register

The transaction logs are some of the most crucial files when it comes to a working Exchange server. Microsoft Exchange Server uses transaction logs as a disaster recovery method that can bring a Exchange database back to a consistent state after a crash. Before anything is written to the EDB file, it is first written to a transaction log. Once the transaction has been logged, the data is written to the database when convenient.

Until a transaction is committed to the database, it is available from memory and recorded in the transaction logs. This is why you will see store.exe use up to 1GB of memory after the Exchange server has been in use for a while. After an Exchange server is brought back up after a crash, the checkpoint file points to the last committed transaction in the transaction logs which are then replayed from that point on. This form of write-ahead logging is important for you to know.

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from that point on can be found in a daily conversation.
Yes, you are right.

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I can't find translation for from that point on.
The difficulty is that I cannot make it out to perform correct translation.
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It just means 'from then'. In this case, it means 'from the last committed transaction'.