Hi all,

While watching an episode of Dalziel and Pascoe, I heard someone say "from your mouth to god's ears".

I tried some on-line dictionaries but without any result. Can somebody explain the meaning of this sentence to me?



Fredje (Belgium)
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May God hear what you are saying and act on what you have said.
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Thanks a lot for the quick reply! I had a feeling it meant something like that.


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I think it means My prayer is the same as yours.
hey. thanks for your post on this Terri. A friend of mine and I just got cc'd on an email and realized neither of us knew exactly what this expression meant. I'm buying your explanation! You saved me (and my friend) a lot of time and frustration today!

it literally means from your mouth to God's ears.
talk about a reply " it literally means from your mouth to God's ears."
talk about a reply " it literally means from your mouth to God's ears."

Is this the same "Anonymous"?
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