Hi to all,

Please could anyone tell me the main difference between frustrated and disappointed??? When I was passing the exam, I was so tangled with these words Emotion: embarrassed
They are somewhat similar.

I get frustrated when I'm trying to fix my computer, spend a lot of time at it, and I can't get it to work properly. I also get frustrated when my e-mail is nothing but spam.

There is a bit of an element of anger involved in frustration.

I'm disappointed when someone doesn't do something that they said they would, or when the cafe runs out of my favorite kind of coffee.

Disappointment contains sadness.
So frustrated is more angry, and disappointed is more sad? Right?

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I'd say disappointed is more related to negation of hope.
Frustrated is more specific, less general.
>So frustrated is more angry, and disappointed is more sad? Right?

I think so, frustrated is more irritated:-)
I think that's a great way to explain them. If I'm disappointed, I am at least a little sad about it, and if I'm frustrated, I'm at least a little irritated. Good summary, guys!
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Thank you , boys and girls, for your explanation Emotion: smile [W]

Now I got the point Emotion: smile