I mean, Lois isn't exactly a pushover. It's impossible to break
her full-Court power of the press.
What does the underlined mean?
Basketball term . It's a powerful defense. Also, it's a pun mixing up the terms "full-court press" and "power of the press." Press in the first is a verb, in the second is a noun meaning newspapers, etc.
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Now I'm confused.

1. What does it mean by "full-court" here?

2. What does it mean by "press"--newspaper and pushing?

Please help. Thanks.

A "full-court press" is a defensive move in basketball, which is a game that is played on a marked area of floor called a court. In this case "press" refers to the action of pressing, or pushing.
"Press" also means a machine that prints words on paper, and by extension the business of publishing. "The press" can refer to newspapers and the people who work for them. "The power of the press" is a phrase referring to the power that newspapers and magazines can wield over others; for instance, exposing a scandal can ruin a politician's career.
The quoted line mixes up these two phrases in a play on words. Lois doesn't just have "power" of the press---she has "full-court power."
Thanks a lot for your helpful explanation.
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