Do you ever put a full stop after a website address?
I'm no computer whizz but I've never seen a full stop after a web address. Other users will be able to answer this question better than myself!

Mike, Woody, Hitch - help me out on this one!
A fullstop is a little dot that appears at the end of a sentence to show that it has ended.
Sometimes it's called 'period'.

I don't think there is a hard and fast way about doing this.

If you use the address in a sentence, it should be included. An example of what I do, though others may do something different, is the following:

You can learn a lot at 'www.EnglishForward.com'. And then I start another sentence.

Sometimes if you have the fullstop immediately after the web address, people may think it is a part of that address.
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I am a web developer, so I may be able to help. What's a fullstop, though?
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That's the way I interpreted the question, a full stop might be taken as part of the address.