I just want to be in touch with anyone who is having real class room experience in teaching Functional English. I would like to get some ideas about Functional English and Functional Grammar. Please respond.
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This is a very good bibliography for further reading on functional grammar.

My Name is Habib. I m Teacher of English in Faith Computer Center in Hyderabad. I Have to Need to Some Sort of Functional English Notes.
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i'm a Ist year FE student . i'm also new to this subject but i have got fair enough idea about it .

it's all about improving our spoken english . right now we're learning phonetic transcription .

interesting new way of writing .

the grammar part is not too hard either . u just need to brush up ur grammar basics like nouns verbs , adverbs & adjectives

that's all i know yet .

send me a reply soon . maybe we can help each other .

my email id is (Email removed, please register and add it to your profile)Email Removed" mce_href="mailto:Email Removed">


have you found the material you wanted or still you're looking for it if yes then let me know i'll help you out on this end

take care

what is the meaning of functional enlish?
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salaam dear,

i am xakir hussain brohi from pakistan and have cleared exams of inter class. dear i mam the student of pre engg: iand i have no any knowlegde about functional english and accountings . i wnna beaware from these disscussed subjects as u r also student of ca . n u might support me in functional english . so what should i expect from you ? will u hlp me in learning english .

thx dear .
functional english means to have a tough skills to present your idea infront of business management...... simply its mean business english grammar.
The way I see it is that functional English means natural English used in day-to-day situations. For example, this could be in a restaurant, at a train station ticket office or simply a conversation on the bus or in the street.
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