Hi everybody,

I am preparing my documentation for applying for a scholarship, and I was required to have a "Brief description of your funding situation". Are they requesting me to describe about the income and the economic situation of me (or my family?)?. I'm so confusing about this problem, so, can anyone give me a hand? If you have any experiences in this area, please share with me. I will appreciate any help from you. Thank you very much in advance!
"Brief description of your funding situation"

Yes, I agree with Stephaniek. I think just one paragraph explaining how you plan to come up with the money should suffice. For example you might want to indicate that you have some savings, that your parents will help out some, and that you plan on getting a part time job, etc.

Some colleges require you to submit your own (in case you are supporting yourself) or your parents' (in case you are dependent on your parents) Federal Income Tax Statement. Or fill out a complicated financial aid form.
When talking about your funding situation, I think they mean how you are planning on paying for college. Are your parents going to help you? Are you going to take out loans? This information helps them to figure out how much financial aid you need. I hope this is right, but I am not one hundred percent sure.
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