Could I speak to Mr. King, please?
(1) He speaks English.
(2) Hello, Can I help you?
(3) I'm sorry, his line is busy right now.
(4) Next door.

No doubt, 3 is the correct answer that we all agree. I would like to know if #4 is possible. Suppose a situation that Mr. King is my neightbor who lives next to me, and I just come by and want to tell him good news. But when I get to his place, his wife tells me,

"Next door!" (Mrs. King is also pointing at the next door.)

So I know if I want to talk to Mr. King, I have to go to the next door.


A: I'm going to NYC for my vacation!
B: _____________
(1) That sounds exciting!
(2) Cool! Congratulations!
(3) can I be of any help?

Would you say 2 and 3 in this situation?


What are you doing here?
(1) I live here. Are you just visiting?
(2) Get out of my way!
(3) Everyone thinks I am so busy, but I like it that way.
(4) I've been waiting for you for 20 minutes. Waht took you so long?

The answer is 4 which I disagree with. It sounds like the questioner suffers short term memory loss!? What do you think?

BTW, anybody heard from Miriam?Emotion: smile
(Q1) (4) would be rather rude.
(Q2) No, I wouldn't.
(Q3) I don't like any of the answers.
(Q4) Not I, sorry.
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