I am collecting funny English learning methods.

I hope many people will share their methods here.

I share my ways first.

Writing Diaries


Collecting my favourite English news

Writing funny dialogoes

Many thanks in advance.
Great idea for a topic !!!

Singing is very helpful, i do it often , your pronunciation will increase for sure.

What i do is : singing & reading english news ( for instance bbc , it's very funny )
And in my opinion the best method is to translate songs. I already translated about 70 songs , mostly all songs of my favourite band rise against. You can improve your vocabulary knowledge a lot , also it makes fun ! It's great to understand what these bands are singing about and not just singing along Emotion: stick out tongue
I recommend this method to all people who haven't done it yet ! Good luck Emotion: smile
Alex-93I recommend this method to all people who haven't done it yet ! Good luck Emotion: smile

I used to do it a lot when I was a kid and I agree with you I really enjoyed doing it. Sitting with the cousins and sing the hindi song in English. ha ha. It was fun. But haven't done it in a long time, I guess I should start doing it again. Emotion: stick out tongue
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Yes , it's really a great method,

thats the way i do it :

1: I open microsoft word ( here i tip in the translated song ( german) )
2. I have a dictionary (For looking up the words that i dont know )
3. I have a window with the lyrics

Thats all you need , then you can start ! Emotion: smile

Perhaps you could look up some good jokes on the internet. First of all, they're funny – I may hope – and second of all, if the clues are any good, they'll stick aroundin you head for a long time after. Emotion: smile
It'd be cool if you could reproduce them as well.

Kind regards