This was written by a black guy in
Texas.......its so

When I born, I BLACK.
When I grow up, I black.
When I go in sun, I black.
when I cold, I black.
When I scared, I black.
When I sick, I black.
And when I die, I still BLACK!

When you born, you pink.
When you grow up, you white.
When you go in sun, you red.
When you cold, you blue.
When you scared, you yellow.
When you sick, you green.
When you bruised, you purple.
And when you die, you gray
So who you callin' COLORED
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Very representative of American culture.
Great stuff.
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funny funny thats hella funny i need to add that to my pro!!!
I think I heard a dance tune with those lyrics Emotion: hmm
edited out as irrelevant
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it's so cool santa! well i think i can also write such a poem in the near future!!
vinodram, I think you need to have a go at it. We all would like to read your poems. The poem in reference here was not written by me, just got a forward from a friend.
edited out as inflammatory-- and in all caps
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