Routinely, a couple of flies went to a toilet for supper.
During the meal, the fly wife stopped eating and glanced over at her
"Yes," the husband replies.
The fly wife then asks, "Honey, why must we eat stool all the
Her husband replies, "Darling, during supper, please don't bring
up lousy
issues, ok? Let's just enjoy our delicious supper!"
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See you have a sense of humour. What does aristae mean when you use your signature.
What doyoudo in education.
I suppose it's how you look at it. I find it depressing!
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David,than you for the reply.

"Aristae" is the plural of "arista".actually,my English is very poor.when I write some post,I often have to search vocabulary. Of course,my dictionary told me the word "aristae"Emotion: smile)

now I changed my you like it?

if my post made you depressed,I am very sorry.I thought that it can make you smile.maybe we need talkEmotion: smile)
Yes indeed good signature. Tell us more about yourself. Which part of China?
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Talk about us "Mr Roger"
I am from GuangDong,China,and you?

Just saw your profile,no description.can u tell me about you?

who is "Mr Roger"?

where are you from?
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