Hi everyone,

I found an explanation about the usage of future continuous tense
at http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/futurecontinuous.html .
But the usage of it in the following passage which I read seems not to match any of them at all.

"They won the game well, they played with some passion and some vigour and Jones had a fine match - but they just don't strike any fear into me.

I'd say, based on last night, that the Southland Stags will be looking forward to their match on Tuesday. They have a good pack and know they will be facing something like the Lions' third XV, so that will rev them up a bit. "

Can anyone explain it ?

Thank you in advance
This is the use that your englishpage site calls "atmosphere". This usage is also called the "descriptive" use.

Dear it2life

These are future continuous tense:-

will be looking forward
will be facing

Kind regards,
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Dear it2life,

I am sorry. I did not read your question thoroughly.

Best wishes,
Dear Cj,
oh, I see.
Thank you very much.
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