Is the headline clear?

General situation, development and comparative reference of overseas index futures markets.
I'm not sure about this one, Jobb:

'General conditions, development and comparative reference for overseas stock index futures markets.'

Maybe you could double-check those points, though.
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I rewrote it as:

The profile, development and comparison of the index futures market overseas

Is it clear now?

(I shortened the Chinglish "comparative conference" as "comparison". Do you think it is proper?)
Hi Jobb,

Your new version seems clearer to me, but the main difficulty is that I don't know anything about the stock market, nor have I seen what follows this title. I'll just trust you that it accurately reflects the contents. I do think you should include the word 'stock' before 'futures' though, because it appears in most of the pages I googled up: 'stock index futures market'.
Yes, stock index futures market!
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