Hello, I found a line again and I can't understand something in it.
This is from

G. K. Chesterton: The Wisdom of Father Brown
7. The Purple Wig

Here's the paragraph:

His life was a series of distracted compromises between the proprietor of the paper (and of him), who was a senile soap-boiler with three ineradicable mistakes in his mind, and the very able staff he had collected to run the paper; some of whom were brilliant and experienced men and (what was even worse) sincere enthusiasts for the political policy of the paper.

I understand "a senile soap-boiler" means, like, "an old pepper-box" or something, but what do these "three ineradicable mistakes in his mind" stand for? What exactly did the author want to say? The proprietor was an old marasmic man with very diligent people and with what else?. Unfortunatelly, in transaltion into my native language this line about three mistakes is ommited. Emotion: sad
So what are your thoughts on that?

here's the story itself

Thank you in advance
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I've now read, on the Internet, the page containing your excerpt, and do not have a clue as to the intent of the phrase in question. It's not a phrase I recognize as an idiom. I assume, since you've read the novel that you've found nothing in the six preceding chapters that fills in the missing ingredients of the seemingly specific reference.
...since you've read the novel that you've found nothing in the six preceding chapters
To be honest I read only "7. The Purple Wig", because only it was translated and chapters looked rather isolated. Russians translators did not use these "three mistakes", because they translated only chapter seven or may be they translated each chapter in anticipation of their disconnectedness. Emotion: smile But I like your idea, Davkett. Since I haven't got any other solution, I draw a conclusion that the description of these 3 mistakes is scattered somewhere in the book. Indeed, anyway, I got all that I wanted to know, because this question is no longer about Vocabularly and Idioms. It's more similar to detective things, where the information is hidden, regardless the languages we speak Emotion: big smile

Well, thank you all for your attention, now I must go and read this book. Emotion: smile
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