Is there a difference between these 3 words "garbage", "trash", "rubbish";

I've found that this is something which Dictionary.com couldn't help me with. I need help from you native speakers. Thank you.
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garbage (esp. NAmE)

trash (NAmE)

rubbish (esp. BrE)
I'm sorry, what is NAmE? BrE?
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Oh i get it, North American English, and British English;
I know something..

You can say trash talk or rubbish talk... but you can't say garbage talk..or at least it's less common.

In Municipal solid waste terms, garbage refers to rapidly decomposing waste(such as food), while rubbish is slow decomposing, dry waste
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In the U.S. people tend to use garbage and trash interchangeably (not rubbish though). As someone said however, garbage is actually supposed to refer to food waste. One interesting way to remember is that in the kitchen we can have "garbage disposals" where you send food down the drain but "trash compactors" for other kinds of waste.
Here is my take on it. Garbage is stuff such as banana peels, coffee grounds and other wet stuff that is to be discarded.
Trash is dry stuff such as paper, plastic, glass, wood and other dry stuff to be discarded. It is my opinion that Rubbish and Refuse are British words that each encompass both trash and garbage. I would love to know what others think as well.

what about trash?!
is it another term used in MSW?
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