Here is a situation where I’m talking about a garden hose, more specifically about the nozzle part and how I can use it to adjust the water pressure. I was just wondering if I can use ‘stronger stream’ and ‘fine mist’ when talking about the water coming out of the hose.

Let’s say that I need to wash my rubbish bin because it’s covered in spider webs. I want to get into all the narrow spots (there’s a lot of ingrained dirt which doesn’t clean easily - I need more force) so I have to use a stronger stream. However, I want switch to the ‘fine mist’ option when I wash the sides of the bin.

Perhaps there’s a different way to describe the various streams, but I couldn’t think of anything else.

Thank you.


Yes, that sounds OK, although I'd probably say jet instead of stream.

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I think "jet" would be understood in the US just fine, but it would sound odd. I'd say "stream".

Ann225rubbish bin

In British English, you don't need the first word. In general, that's what a bin is for. You could add another word first if you mean a particular kind, like a compost bin or a recycling bin.

Thank you all so much for your help.
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