I've read 'garden leave' on my contract for my new employment.
But i donno what garden leave means..
plz, somebody help me out.. Emotion: crying
Garden leave?? Huh? Uh... Can you write the rest of the sentence?
"Garden leave" means that if your employer gives you notice to quit the job, they can tell you not to attend your place of work while you serve your notice period i.e. stay at home and work in the garden. You would continue to get full pay until the end of your notice period.

This is so that if the job does not work out they could either get you out of the way straight away so you couldn't do damage in the office (for example by hacking into computers), or they can stop you from going to work for a competitor for a certain length of time after you stop actually working for them.
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Could you please tell me what is a garden leave?