Hi friends,

I came across the nicknames for the states in the US.

New Jersey has its nickname Garden State and Arkansas, Land of Opportunity or Natural State.

Are there some stories behind the names? Your notes will be appreciated. Thank you.
Yes, I think every state has at least one name and at least one story behind the name! At one time, New Jersey grew a LOT of vegetables and other crops. I'm not sure how Arkansas got its names, but there will be stories behind the names. Some other names that come to mind:

Virginia: Old Dominion (based on colonial history)

New Hampshire: Granite State

New Mexico: the Land of Enchantment (based on amazing scenery)

Nevada: Silver State (a lot of silver mining at one time)

California: Golden State (mining again)

Ohio: Buckeye State

Texas: the Lone Star State (because of the state flag)

Indiana: Hoosier State

Missouri: the Show Me State

Hawaii: Aloha State

Alaska: the Last Frontier State
Thank you Nef, your note helps me a lot.Emotion: smile