Can you please check the blue parts? Thanks

During the disturbance in the process there is a potential danger of gas leakage and spilling of chemicals, of gushing out of hot water- steam, fires and explosions.
Any breakdown or disruption to the process is potentially dangerous since this could result in gas leakage, chemical spills, sudden hot water or steam discharges, fires and explosions.
I would change the article for any so:

During any disturbance in the process, .........

I'm not sure what is intended as a disturbance and I'm not too happy about using that word but what's the context?
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Hi Alan.

Disturbance-something that obstructs the process of oil production. Basically, anything that goes or can go wrong.
Hi Antonija.......

I agree with Alan, i think you could use a better word than 'disturbance'.

Some better general alternatives I think you could use are; 'stoppage' , 'breakdown' or even 'interruption'.

But to fully answer your example I need to alter it somewhat with some minor additions. I hope this is what you had in mind. See what you think...

Due to an interruption in the process a dangerous situation was created when gas leaked, chemicals were spilt and dangerous leaks of scalding steam and hot water began. This led to an increased risk of fires, explosions and personal injury.
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Thank you Squeaky and Likeguslee.

p.s. Squeaky, thank you for offering better word choice. I think that verbs have to be in the present tense because the author is speaking in general.