GCE English Exam? Help with Formal/informal Letter?

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I will be having an english exam soon GCE O Level.
Could you please Help me When do I write a Formal and an Informal Letter?
And please give me the structure of the letter

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Hello hybmu, and welcome to the forums.

Generally speaking, you write a formal letter in formal situations. You would use a formal letter to a business, the government, or to a person you didn't know.

You use an informal letter informal situations: to a friend, primarily.

There are a lot of good Internet resources on how to format letters. Have you tried using Google and searching for formal letter format?
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hey thanks a lot !!! That really help
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where got? can give link
hello, I'm having my June O'level tomorrow, is the format of writing letter still the same this year? thankyou Emotion: smile
will you explain me the pattern of letter