Which one is right?

Whose poetry attracts you most?


Whose poetry does attract you most?

Please tell me as soon as possible.


Whose poetry attracts you most?
I.e. use DO/DOES only for accentuating/stressing stuff in such contexts.
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Why do you think the other option is not correct?
The formation "Whose poetry does attract you ask you most?" asks something emphatically. It's not a simple question, but used in response to something you just heard that you are surprised by (or want to challenge somehow). You would use this in a situation like the following:

Barb: I just love Clive's poetry. I'm really drawn to it. In fact, his poetry really attracts me. [Note: This isn't common usage. You may be thinking of "It appeals to me". But we'll continue as you have it written.]

Nona: Eh, it's okay.

Barb: You're not in love with it? He's the best poet ever! Okay, you tell me then, whose poetry DOES attract you the most?
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