I would like to ask you about making an introduction about myself on the oral exam day.

I am a first-year English student, and tomorrow I am going to have an oral exam. It requires us to introduce ourselves in a formal way. For example, I introduce to the lecturer my name, age, nationality, job, what I like and dislike, but my problem is that I do not know how to start the introduction (the lecturer will not speak anything, I've to say everything I want him to know fluently and confidently), in other words, I would like to be familiar with polite and formal words, connectors which are preferable to be used, a sentence I can use to end the introduction, and lastly when I mention my nationality. should I say that for example I was born in Egypt and I am Egyptian, too (mentioning your country in which you were born and also your nationality when you are still in where you were born and haven't got any other nationality)?

Would you please advise me on other things I can talk about tomorrow?

Thank you very much.


How long do you have to speak for? Since we don't know your particulars, we cannot write it out for you. However, if you can think of some things you'd like to say about yourself, post them below (even in point form), and we'll try to help you.

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The limited time for us will be 3 minutes as the lecturer told us today.

For example, I'll tell him my name, my age, where I was born, my nationality, what I like and dislike.


I'd like to introduce myself to you Mr.

Firstly, my name is Murad Abdel-Rahman. I am 23 years old. I was born in nineteenth of Sep in 1994 in Green Mountain/Libya, so my nationality is Libyan and I don't have any other nationality.

Secondly, I will talk about my occupation.

I am a student at English department/Faculty of Education, and also I am going to work as a research assistant at Medical Technology College in this March as I have studied for four years as a student at Microbiology department which I graduated from in Oct 2016. Actually, I prefer studying at English department because it doesn't require facilities or any other tools which must be provided by the university in order to be good in your career as Microbiology does. In other words, while I was a student at Microbiology, the other students and I were not given all of the information which any Microbiologist should know, we even did not work in the labs as much as we had to, and of course you are familiar with this common situation which most colleges here in Libya have.

So I decided to try to study at another college in order to have a better job and at the same time, I can improve my English language.

Now, I'll move to other points which are my likes and dislikes.

Actually, as any other person, my list of likes is long, but the first thing which comes to my mind whenever I am asked about what I do like, I say reading, walking, and my favourite celebrities.

I like to read about spirituality, different religions' teachings, including Islam, Christianity and Buddism, for example, the most. And to be honest, my books list doesn't lack from the English language, too, mainly grammar English books.

And let me give you an example of my favourite authors are: Dr Mustafa Mahmoud (Allah's mercy be upon him), the spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle and lastly Dr Wayne Dyer.

These are what I like the most.

So, I shall mention now some of what I don't like or prefer.

To be honest, one of the most things which affect me negatively is the bad behaviours which are made by people from different ages publicity and with proud. For example, the negative behaviours which we all can see here by the students, such as smoking in a place like a university, attacking everyone who walks beside them, the noise they intend to make during the class, and many other examples we all are now familiar with, especially, here.

This is what I thought I had to talk about today with you.

I'd like to thank you for your listening to me.

It is pleasure introducing myself to you Mr.

Is this good?

Does it have mistakes?

Is it formal enough (the lecturer insisted on us to speak in a formal way)?

I am looking forward to receiving your advice.

Thank you in advance.

Try rephrasing the last part in a simpler way. For example,

There are certain things which I don't like. For example, I don't like smoking, especially in public places. I don't like violence or rude behaviour; and I don't like noise.