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Why Be Anonymous?


I made a post at a political forum. " What is your view towards the outspoken Malaysian Prime Minister ? He seemed to touch the nerve of some Europeans as well as the US leaders...

Tense Sense?

Hi, If I were you I don't know what I would do after such a humiliaton. If I were you I don't know what I would have done after such a humiliation. If I were you I don't know...

Is It AM Or PM?

When do I use am and pm ?. And what is the right translation. How do you use it in Great Britain and in America? Please help me.


Why is the plural of thief = thieves, but the plural of chief is chiefs?

Turn, Turn To, Turn Into

Could you please teach me the difference of them? I'm confused how to use them. Especially; turn to / turn into Thanks for your help in advance.

'You And Me' Vs 'You And I'?

Are there ever any situations where the phrases "you and me" or "me and you" are acceptable?

Halo, Just Want To Clear My Doubful Mind...

halo, i'm a foreign student who are studying in Singapore. my english is very poor so that is certainly i have faced lots of problem while i am studying.more, that's a stressful...

English Book Project?

i need help finding answers to Night Hoops(book) author:carl deuker ,for my english project.

Use Of A Word Such As 'Rallier' ,But Not...

I would like to know if "ier" after a verb connotes there is a noun form for that verb. The only one I could find is 'rally ' and 'rallier' . But there is no tallier for tally...

Present And Present Continuous To Denote...

OK, so if the present continuous is supposed to denote an action that is happening RIGHT NOW, why to we also use it to denote the FUTURE, as in "What are you doing this weekend...

Adjective Order?

Some books say that the order of adjectives is important where there is more than one adjective in front of a noun. The following should be observed: Opinion, size, age, shape...

Possessive Proper Nouns?

how is the name Lopez made possessive?

A Or An Before Hors D'oeuvre?

Please bring(a) or (an) hors d'oeuvre. Which word is correct before a word beginning with a silent h.? Thank you in advance for your help.

Sentence Parts - Objects?

I need to identify the indirect and direct objects in the following sentences: She really isn't a hard teacher, though. (also what's the verb?) She buys her children and grand...

Subjunctive Mood?

This is kind of a general question and might take a long reply but....could someone tell me how the subjunctive mood works exactly in English. And mainly, the forms it can be...


what would be the correct grammar for the phrase ' the worlds premier holiday system' thank you

The Verb 'To Be'?

Please can you tell me when it is correct to use "I" or "me"? For instance in the sentence: "You find it easier to get out of this chair than "I" "me"? Thank you.

In My Shoes?

"Try putting yourself in my shoes." I can't understand the meaning of this expression. I will appreciate it very much if you explain this for me. Also, would you please give...

" It Is An Ill?

" It is an ill wind that blows nobody good " " It is a lone lane that has no turning point " May I know how to define the above two proverbs ?

Will Soon Come:Will Come Soon

Will soon come:will come soon Posted: 10-14-2003 01:02 AM One of my students have asked me this question and I just dont know how to answer it! I know bad teacher. 'The itme...

Do You Have Heartburn ?

I always get spam bearing such sentence on the subject line. But when I checked the dictionary the word ' heartburn ' doesn't seem to be what I used to think it means. It is about...

Either, Must Either?

Which one of these is correct? 1. Either you must do this work or leave the place. or 2. You musr do either this work pr leave the country.

'A' Or 'An'?

What is the proper grammar for "win a MP3 player" or "win an MP3 player"

English Sentences?

Please correct these two sentence: 1. I particular my qualification will benefit me as I apply which I have learned to teaching mathematics to children in the school. 2. I...

What Is A Tense?

What is a tense exactly and what tenses are there? Of course past tense and the likes are tenses, but what about past simple? Is that a tense?
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