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Why Be Anonymous?

Comma Before 'Etc.'?

Hi all, I desperately need to know if a comma should be included or removed before "etc." E.g.: "These products are available in Europe: France, Spain, Portugal, etc." Thanks...

I Wish He Would Make?

I wish he would make up his mind and could make it. Can someone explain the meanings of "make" in this sentence?

Using 'Put Of '?

Is it OK to say, " I will be put of station from the afternoon of 1/11 till the morning of 05/11."

Meaning Please?

HAVE MERCY UPON US GOD. IN THIS ABOVE SENTENCE PLS TELL ME THE MEANING OF MERCY(does it mean forgive us god?) pls reply me soon. thanks.

Meaning Please?

plEAsE tell me the meaning of 1. spiritualism (does it mean praying to god?) 2.difference between conventional & unconventional. plEAsE reply TO me soon. thanks.

Number Of Person ?

Q : May I know what number of person you went in that exhibition ? A : I was the 6th person. I wonder if the Question is correctly asked ?

Which Is Right? 'I Dont Believe In Miracles...

Which is right? Is 'believe' the object of 'dont' and is 'miracles' the object of 'in' or is it 'dont' is the object of 'I' and 'in' is the object of 'miracles' Anyone...

Need Help!?

Hi, everyone. i am jason, i got a problem here, i always get confused about the usage of " in terms of " , can someone explain a bit about how should we use it? thank you!


What is the difference in meaning between " a nice house" and " a nice home"? Do they mean the same?


-What were you supposed to do that you didn't do? 1-I didn't read the letter and I didn't talk to John. 2-I didn't read the letter and talk to John. Do 1 and 2 mean exactly...

Stop In Or Out Of Quotes?

Should a full stop go inside or outside quote marks? "I like cheese". or "I like cheese." Thanks

Add Another Clause To Each Of The Sentences...

Im stuck on my homework- someone please help- add another clause to each of the sentences; be sure that the new sentence makes sence and that its verbs are in a coreect sequence...

'At Risk Of' Vs. 'At Risk For'?

What distinction in meaning, if any, is there between "at risk of" and "at risk for"? I've checked all my standard reference sources and found no help in them. Thanks. Maureen...

Dangling Things And The Sort?

hello all. i'm new to the forum, but not new to english. i'm looking for a few good sites on proper english grammar, but not sites that cater to ESL or EFL. i need meatier topics...

Taking Up Or Taking?

Is it correct to say, "I'm taking up courses in English" or just "I'm taking courses in English". Please respond. Thanks!

Help With 'Dilapidate'?

dilapidate: to bring into a condition of decay or partial ruin. Can I use dilapidation to describe the state of a dead humans body? "the dilapidation of the body was very severe...

Question Marks?

If I am writing the following sentence do I need to put a question mark afterwards? 'Is there any directive regarding guests for Wednesday as we are currently planning the guest...

Proper English?

I was having a discussion with a friend and we were arguing about which was correct. I asked an English professor and found that I was correct. I would like to find some proof...

Phrases, The Dangling Kind?

Good morning, I am curious on what some phrases are called. Phrases such as "as stated", "at that time", and "over the past year". Is there a name for these phrases in English...

Help With Phonetics?

can someone tell me the phonemic spelling 'wage'? and is there a website that could give me an instant translation? cheers Matt

'Problem Of Using 'Even' As A Connector...

Example: Even students learn all school subjects in English, there is no guarantee that their Englishlanguage skills will improve. I know that we should use Even though / Even...


" People sometimes tweak the English language for convenience sake " for convenience sake or convenience's sake ?


Which one is correct? A unique natural environment or a uniquely natural environment?

The Word Yet?

I have a friend who uses the word yet in the followig way: "There are two weeks left yet", meaning that there are still two weeks left. This does not sound right to me, but...

No Point In?

There is no point in so much verbosity. Is this sentence correct?
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