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Why Be Anonymous?

Proper English?

I was having a discussion with a friend and we were arguing about which was correct. I asked an English professor and found that I was correct. I would like to find some proof...

Phrases, The Dangling Kind?

Good morning, I am curious on what some phrases are called. Phrases such as "as stated", "at that time", and "over the past year". Is there a name for these phrases in English...

Help With Phonetics?

can someone tell me the phonemic spelling 'wage'? and is there a website that could give me an instant translation? cheers Matt

'Problem Of Using 'Even' As A Connector...

Example: Even students learn all school subjects in English, there is no guarantee that their Englishlanguage skills will improve. I know that we should use Even though / Even...


" People sometimes tweak the English language for convenience sake " for convenience sake or convenience's sake ?


Which one is correct? A unique natural environment or a uniquely natural environment?

The Word Yet?

I have a friend who uses the word yet in the followig way: "There are two weeks left yet", meaning that there are still two weeks left. This does not sound right to me, but...

No Point In?

There is no point in so much verbosity. Is this sentence correct?

Which Is Right?

Would you help Lindsay and me? or Would you help Lindsay and I? I am pretty sure that it is Would you help Lindsay and me? I am looking for any links to websites that have proof...


what is the contraction for I had and I did?

Pl Correct The Following Sentence?

In case you wish to adopt business clauses of some existing company, please refer the name of that company.

Native English-Speaker Editor?

Is it correct to say 'a native English-speaker editor' to refer to an editor whose mother tongue is English? Or 'a native English editor' is clear enough?!

I Think It's Too Early.

I'm having a brain lasp here. Where would I put the comma for the next line? Excellent customer service and leadership skills along with strong verbal and written communication...

Which Grammar Type For 'I Want To Go And...

Hi, how is everyone? I need some help with the types. in the sentence 'i want to go and round up the boys' is the word 'want' a noun or a transitive verb? is the word ...

Problems For Korean Speakers Of English...

Can anybody help me, I'm trying to compile a list of the major problems faced by Korean students of english language, mostly in speaking. So does anybody have some suggestions...


Which is correct? You are much older than I or me?

Showing Possessive On A Word Ending In...

How should the possessive be shown on the word "Mills" in the following sentences? 1) We expect that students will meet German Mills standards for behaviour. ?Mills's or Mills...

How Do You Say This In English?

You want to describe the location of something. It's in front of you and on your left hand side, do you have a short word to describe such a location?

Question At Work!?

Two sentences: If I took the car I would go. OR If I take the car i will go. One worker is insisting that both are correct. Calls one of them (present unreal). please...

A Grammar Job?

Which one is correct? 1. She has no job. 2. She has no jobs. Jo

1-He Was Happy When He?

1-He was happy when he wrote a novel. Does this mean: 1a-when he was writing it. or could it also mean: 1b-when he had written a novel.?

None Too Happy Or Pleased!?

Is "None too happy or none too pleased" proper English grammar? Example: I would be none too happy if you didn't come to the party. Help me settle a bet. Thanks. Spanish...

Rose Type?

May I know the meaning of these sentences. " I would've have taken him for the rose type " " He's not always that hard to take "

Help! The Usage Of 'If'?

Could you help me for the usage of "if" i'm always confused about what kind of verb tense i should use in the 'if" sentences

Collective Noun?

what is collective noun for group of lice ?
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