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Why Be Anonymous?

General Grammar Question?

Hey all, See this sentence below: "I'd give you a big kiss." Is this sentence grammatically correct. I think it should be like "It must have given you a big kiss" or some...


Is this the correct usage of apostrophies in these sentences: 1. One of these agencies' duties is to keep a recrd of all employees' wages. 2. Jay and Jaylene have four brothers...


In this sentence is it correct to put the apostrophies where I put them? Jeff Simms's house is next-door to those ladies' shop. Since Jeff is one I thought 's and since there...

Meaning Of Sentence?

could anybody please help me to get through with this sentence "you had me going" . I heard that in watching tv show. thnx in advance.


what does this mean "and I persisted" thx

Needed Money?

I know I can say, "I need money." Can I say, "How can I get needed money"? Can I use the word "needed" just like the words "necessary" and "needful"? Is this the correct use...


Please help me! I have been searching the Web to find the "Kinds of Comments" and the Guidelines in making a comment" and haven't found anything. It is for English subject in...

Reported Speech 3?

Anne: I'll tell him when the time is ripe. Peter: If you don't do that I'll do it. Anne: Please, don't. Anne ask Peter not to do that and she said she would tell him when...


Can I say: How much chance do I have to get sth? or should I say: How many chances do I have to get sth? or both of them are incorrect?

What Does "You Had Me"?

What does "you had me" mean?

What Tense Is This Please?

Sorry, I'm going to see Hamlet at the national theater i wrote present participle but i dont think thats a tense. any help please?

What's Wrong With This Sentence?

Wrong sentence = At the station I realized I left the tickets at home My correction = At the station, I realized I had left the tickets at home Should it be: I realized I...

"I Am Sick". How Many?

"I am sick". How many interpretations do you think this sentence has?

Apostrophy Questions?

I hope you can help me, because I am having trouble with my apostrophes. Here are my questions: 1. The witnesses; witnessess'; witness 's gave their names and addresses...

Past Perfect?

Can someone please explain to me the past perfect?


What is correct ? I look forward to hear from you. I am looking forward to hearing from you. I am looking forward to be hearing from you. Thank you.

Watch Out/Look Out?

You must watch out because my revenge will be terrible. You must look out because my revenge will be terrible. Would watch out or look out be appropriate in this context?


Vengeance is better when served on a cold plate. Is there an English saying to express that idea?

Sealed/ Sailed?

There is an expression which is something like My lips are sealed/sailed? When would you use it?

Verb 'Inform'?

Is it correct to say: you should inform yourself about... I think a better way is: you should get some information about... Are there any other ways? Thank you in advance...

Floor Or Ground?

I am wondering about the correct usage of the words floor and ground. My husband loves to correct me and he pushed me a little to hard on this one. I often tell my two year old...


What is the difference between I'd love to be with you or I'd like to be with you?


I took pictures, but they turned out blurry. Is this sentence ok? The facade of the building is beautiful. Is it ok ? Thanks.


-Was she fighting a losing battle? -Was she figthing a worth battle? Which of the two sentences would be correct?


1.Have you gone missing? 2.Have you been missing? Are these two sentences correct? Is there any difference in meaning?
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