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Why Be Anonymous?

Where Is This Site?

North Africa, Russia or America?

Term For A Comparison?

If I compare a submarine to a shark, what is the correct English grammar term for that comparison?

Role Of The Infinitive Without 'To' In...

"Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred." At first glance, this is difficult to analyze, but it seems to have the...

Are / Is (Guest:Shirley Wright)?

Please tell me which is correct: "Calibrated Test, Measurement and Diagnostic equipment ARE maintained through.........." vs "Calibrated Test, Measurement and Diagnostic...

What's Is Wrong With The Following Sentence...

You made me drink without a glass?

Collective Nouns?

what is the general rule about collective nouns?

'Each' And 'Every'?

what is the difference between "each" and "every"?

Posessive For Academy (Guest:Gail)?

What is the pocessive for Academy I want to say "The academys' main building is located....."

30-Minutes, 30 Minutes, On Time, On-Time...

is it 30-minutes or 30 minutes? is it on time or on-time?

Noun Clause, And Types?

how does one recognise a noun clause and what are its types?

Spanish Learning English (Guest:NCJ)?

Hello, As I learn the Spanish language, I realize how tenuous a grip on English I have. I was wondering if someone could recommend a book that explains English language constructs...


Can you say he has a writer's block and I have a computer's block?


what's correct when stating dates on a letter? October 6, 7 and 8th or October 6, 7 and 8, or October 6th -8th

Adjective Or Intransitive Verb?

I am trying to determine whether the word "interconnected" in the sentence below is an adjective or intransitive verb. It seems like it could be either one to me. It is from...

Debug The Dialogue (Guest:Mariyam)?

Help! Could somebody please tell me what is wrong the the following conversation (grammatically or otherwise). "Is John ill? He's lost a lot of weight." "Yes, he is rather...

Has/Have Got/Get (Guest:Rose)?

1) When i can use 's' in the last some words? 2) How i can use a word 'has/have' , 'got/get' and etc.


Can you correct this sentences if they are wrong. She couldn't find his picture or his site. She couldn't find his picture nor his site. She couldn't find his picture and...

Comparative Of 'Good'?

what is comparative form of good

Language Tests

Hi everybody, I'm doing my degree in linguistics and I need people to complete my English experiments for me. I'm looking for native Greek or native German speakers. The...

How Many Dots?

I am writing a piece and need to know whether the use of dots is correct or whether their should be just the three. PLEASE let me know ASAP if you can help. Many thanks ...

When To Use 'Less' And 'Fewer'?

when do you use less and when do you use fewer?

'A And An' As An Article (Guest:Ismaeldn...

I'd like to know the difference between a, and an, as article.

Perfect Tense (Guest:Manikandan)?

Dear sir/madam, Can you teach (or) explain to me the perfect tense? regards, ks.manikandan

Emerging Growth, Emergent Growth? (Guest...

I am writing a business description of companies that are in the initial stage of development. Which uses the proper terminology: 1) We help emerging growth companies. 2)...

M. Told S.

What does the phrase M. told S. mean? Do the M and S stand for anything? M. told S. that he's got loads of interesting anecdotes about his adventures.
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