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Why Be Anonymous?

Go Home!?

" It's time to go home " There is a friend of mine who always add an uneccesary ' to ' between go and home. eg ' go to home '. It is sure a mistake. But the problem is after...

'Back Up' Or 'Back'?

Which is correct: The house backs up to a park. The house backs to a park.

Use Of Word 'Fine'?

When somebody asks your opinion whether it is acceptable, which is the more appropriate way of responding: 1. Fine to me 2. Fine by me 3. Fine for me? Jammy

In / On?

Can you tell me which is correct ? His office is on Oxford Street or His office is in Oxford Street Thanks. Jan

Is The Following Sentence Correct?

Is the following sentence correct? - Can you feel this strange bond?

Infinitives And Gerunds?

What is the difference between Infinitives and Gerunds?Please give me a simple answer so that I can easily understand.Thank you in advance.

'If' - Conditional?

What kind of conditional sentences are the following? -If I just crossed the road, would that be all right? -If I just cross the road, will that be all right? -If I had crossed...

Reshelf Or Reshelve?

What is the proper spelling, if the context is this: A sign in a library reads, "Please do not reshelf the books." Should it be "reshelve" or "reshelf"

Apostrophe Use (Two Names, One Apostrophe...

I need to know how to punctuate the following: TAMARA AND JASON'S WEDDING or TAMARA AND JASONS' WEDDING. Thank you.

Forms And Use?

Can you please help me with the following. What is the "Form" and "use" of the following sentances. 1 John lives in Hove. 2 Hes studying for his degree 3 He lived in London...

Use Of 'Is' Or 'Are'?

Would this sentence be grammatically correct written both ways? To be a socially responsible school community where learning and the pursuit of excellence are ( or is) valued...

Active Or Passive Voice?

Hi, please adivse whether sentence (a) or (b) is correct: (a) Some goals have been well surpassed and some need to be caught up with. (b) Some goals are well surpassed and...

Use Of Dependent?

Hi: I'm a first time user - happy to be here. I had a colleague ask the following question: If you're dependent on something, what's that something called? He's looking...

Sentence Check?

Is the sentence below correct? Is it correct because it is an idiom? "I just turned legal." (Meaning, I just became 18 years of age.)

There Seems?

Which is/are correct? There seem to be a lot of flights. There seems to be a lot of flights.

English Grammar, Comma Splice, Fragments...

Are these correct if not is it a frag, comma splice or what? "We were already to go when the phone rang." "Bob enjoys fishing, skiing, and likes to read." "Either Joe or...

Menu For A Business - Hyphens (Loren)...

I'm writing a new menu for our business. I want to know if the below phrases are hyphenated correctly. saffron-infused couscous double-baked potato oven-roasted potatoes

Using The Name Of A Movie For A Business...

If I use the name of a movie for a business name, can I do so without legal repercussions? And, if so, should I be using quotation marks?

Adjective Or Not?

Are the words "a" and "the" adjectives? I consider the words indefinite and definite articles, respectively, and contend neither word describes a noun. Please clear this up...

Mr Or Mr.?

Do you spell Mr., Ms. and Mrs. with or without a dot? And what does Ms. precisely stand for? Can it replace both Miss and Mrs.?

Grammar, Grammar! What Is It?

What exactly is "grammar", please give me details!

Error In Sentence?

I asked this as a guest, but my post hasn't been up yet (they said within an hour). This is pretty urgent though, so I hope you guys don't mind if it comes up twice: "But I...

Would At The End Of A Word?

Can "would" be used at the end of a word? Eg: she'd

The Use Of 'On' (Loke)?

Please clarify the use of the preposition `on' in the sentence below. Is it necessary to use `on'. There is a football match on this Friday. Thank you.

Conditionals And Subjunctives (Yuji's...

I have two questions; What is the difference between a conditional and a subjunctive? Can a conditional and a subjunctive be used in the same sentence? Thanks for your...
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