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Why Be Anonymous?

Parts Of A Sentence?

In the following sentence what do the words " I hope you " function as? I hope you appreciate us offering you this position.


I'm confused between the use of "suppose" and "supposed" in sentences like: Is this how you are suppose to do this? OR Is this how you are supposed to do this?

Confused With (Name) + Dont?

May i know is this correct "But Daisy Doris dont like to with anybody". As for as i am concern, Daisy Doris is a she and it should be follow by doesnt. Please correct me if i...

Has Done And Have Done?

Hi All, May i know which is one is correct ? 1) She has done a good job. 2) She have done a good job. Thanks for the help.

Have Or Had?

i will inform you once i ( had 0r have ) the information.^_^

Semicolons - Hyphens -Commas Help?

[:^)] Please can someone help me with the following: 1. Sarah wanted her life to be remembered; therefore, she staged a pageant. (Should there be a comma after Sarah? And should...


Can covet in the 'coveting' form be used as a verb? IE: His coveting for money and power brought him money and wealth, but it didn't bring him happiness.

Apostrophe Use With Proper Name Ending...

Where the subjects of this sentence have a last name of "Sosta", which is correct? "Over the past twelve years, the Sosta’s have developed a reputation as two of the more personable...

Which Is Correct?

i didnt hear you come in? or i didnt hear you came in?

Plz Explain This Sentence For Me :)?

When I was staring to learn English, I ansewed the sentence "How are you" by sentence "I am tired. Lastnight, I worked very hard ...", but Questioner was embarrassed. I don't...

Verb Form?

Hi everyone:) A quick question: "In addition, further observations in the building showed that restricting furniture moves (is being) a widespread norm compromising the flexibility...

Passive Voice?

Can anybody enlighten me as to the fact that in the passive voice iit s possible in present perfect continuous. For example "The spy was been being watched by the KGB. I belive...

Hi!!!! I Need Help.

Hello! What's up? Hope every1's fine. Now, the reason I posted... My cruel, evil (but okay) teacher gave me some homework and I can't figure out one problem: 1- In the sentence...

Need For Help?

Please put out your cigarette in the container (meant for that purpose). (1) ash-tray (2) dustbin (3) bucket (4) compact which one i should to choose...

Very Much?

Which is the differece between: 1) I very much hope to improve my English. 2) I hope very much to improve my English. Thanks for your help!!

Neat And Nimble?

The example from your High school Vocabulary. She sews beautiful garments with quick fingers. (1) gradual (2) nimble (3) humble (4) neat which one should i choose...


In the following sentence does it need commas? Did the novelist Ernest Hemingway once live here? or Did the novelish, Ernest Hemingway, once live here? Thank you


I'm saying here is: I work at night or I work in night shifts. How do I say it using "graveyard"? I work for graveyard? Thanks


If a person's last name is one that they begin with a lower-case letter (de Kuyper, de Soto), what is the appropriate way to use the name at the start of a sentence? De Kuyper...


what is the difference between, anything and something

A Number?

How is it correct: "a number of people have done this" or "a number of people has done this"? I would think that as long as the subject of the sentence is singular ("a number...

Into,In/Onto ,On?

can u please help me with the difference,with a good explanation,i know that onto and into are for movement,"i walked into the house"but i have read that u would say "i spilled...

A Few Grammar Questions.

Hi! I have a few questions. Are these sentences correct? If they aren't, why? 1. 'My favourite fruit is an apple.' 'My favourite fruit is apple.' 'My favourite fruit are...

Proper English?

can a door be partially close?

Proper English?

can a door be partially closed?
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