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Why Be Anonymous?


Which of these two sentences is correct, or are both correct? - I've been working in this office since a month. - I've been working in this office for a month.

The Meaning Of The Sentence?

Hello Would you help me to understand this sentence? #1 Scolded by her father, Yuki got angry and went out of the room. Which meaning is appropriate? #2 Because Yuki...

Correct A Sentence (Subjunctive) 2?

Dear teachers, On a webqite I read that we can say "It's high time we SEND (and not SENT) him a registered letter." whether with the expression "it's about time" we can only...

Grammar: 'Faxing Documents....'?

Please correct this sentence for me. 1. Faxing Documents are ok now but all other faxes are still on a freeze

These Ones?

What is the plural of the demonstrative pronoun "this one" .... these? or these ones?


Sir, Generations to come, it may be , will scarce believe that such a one this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth. Generations to come= about future generation...

Tens Of Thousands?

When it comes to phrases like 1. "tens of thousands of people" , 2. "several tens of thousands of years" , 3. " hunderds of hundreds people",.... What magnitude should I interpret...

(The) Winter?

"Do you wear gloves in winter?" "Do you wear gloves in the winter?" If "winter" is talked about in a general sense, not a specific winter, is "the" a must? Or either sentence...

Omitting 'The' With The Superlative?

[1] I think we can omit 'the' in S1's, and we can't in S2's. Am I right? S1a. Bill is [the] smartest. S1b. Bill runs [the] fastest. S2a. Bill is [the] smartest of the three...


Hello, all, If I want to say that David scored good grades, is this the correct sentence? "David did well on his exams." Can "in" be used in the place of "on"? If when I work...

Is Or Are?

Look at this sentence. 1. Please correct my grammar if there is any mistake? 2. Please correct my grammar if there are any mistakes? Which one is correct? or both wrong?...

Please Edit It: Yes We?

Please edit it: Yes we don't want war, but sometimes we have to fight with war criminals. The American people don't want war, but Sep.11 attacks forced them to launch the...

I Just Can't Get An Idea?

Hello my name is Kendra Brown! I have a trouble with coming up with good writing ideas! it kind of stinks really bad! My teachers say when i can get an idea i am a terrific writer...


What are the top ten most important things to consinder when taking the English as a Second Language EXcet Exam/

Present Vs Future?

There is a sign in Cali that reads "Together we build a better future." To me. this doesn't sound grammatically correct. Building a better future is a future action therefore...

Sentence Formation?

is this sentence correct Once you have their money you will never give it back

In Due Course, In Due Time..

what does "in due course" or "in due time" best mean? urgently or quickly or immediately. Thanks

Correct Sentence?

Sir, 1.Name the clothes worn by men and women. IS the above sentence correct? Thanks.

If I Should…I Would (Or I Should?)?

First at all I really want to thank MrP, Calif, Paco and other friends from EnglishForward for their comments to my more recent posts. And now, is it the same to say: 1) If I...

Quick Question Needs A Quick Answer?

Hi everyone, I'm trying to say it would be ok to have that ( that refers to something like extra load or heavy work). Should I say "it would be fine with me," "it would be fine...

As To And As For?

Could you tell me the difference between "as to" and "as for"? Thank you.

Adding As S?

If you have the sentence Mr. & Mrs. Bennie Wolf are coming to dinner. How would you say 'The (Wolfs, Wolf's, Wolfs', Wolves) are coming to dinner.'

English Accents And Dialects?

What influence has industry had on british accents and dialects?

Please Comment?

Hello, Can someone please check on the following sentences: You were asked to rush a report out with only 30 minutes to spare. You wrote down whatever comes to mind. You then...

The + Plural Noun?

Teachers, I have a question about the use of the definite article in the following sentences. "The Now World" was already an old world to the Indians who were in residence when...
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