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Why Be Anonymous?

Help With Biblical Passage Grammar?

Hi, and thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me. I am a Theology student and I have to do a grammatical interpretation of Romans 12:3-8 which I will write fully...

Please Edit It: On May?

Please edit it: On May 1992, Kanmen District cancelled, and Kanmen Town annexed the townships of Xitai, Shuanglong and Lihuang. On June 2000, Kanmen Town was annexed to...

The Use Of 'Start'?

what's the difference between these 2? make a start on something take a start on something does it have to be modified or anything?


1: Children can even enjoy the stories read by someone they love . 2: Children can even enjoy the stories read by their loving ones . Is #2 the same as #1? Does "their...

Thanks For Ur Help?

hi, i am nomi form pak actually i wannt ask that how can i make fluency in my speaking plz give me some tips then i can speak fast i'll be waiting for ur reply


Is the sentence "My favourite food is French fried potatoes" correct? Or is "My favourite food are French fried potatoes"?

Please, Need Your Help. Thank You.

HELLO Can you help me check thses sebtences. I don't know whether they conform to usage of Englsih. Thank you for your help. Whichever organization people participate...

Can You Tell Me How?

can you tell me how to write joining report(format&example), Iam joining in a new job in a private engineering college

A Simple Question?

hi all, guys what should i say when i am telling somebody to GET OFF the bus. i.e should it be get off,get down or something else. bye saurav


Hello. I have no idea to revise these sentences. Can you give me a hand. Thank you for tour help. It is preposterous that athletes can make millions of dollars as much as...

Somebody Is Having (Somebody) Over For...

What's the meaning of this sentence: A Japanese couple is having us over for dinner next week. Is the Japanese couple inviting us for dinner over the next week? Wouldn't be...

For How Long?

Teachers, could you look at the sentence: How long have you lived here? I have lived here for three years. I wonder if there should be a "for" at the front of the sentence...

Feed On?

Sir, A food chain in which the primary consumer "feeds on" living plants is called a grazing pathway. What is meaning of "feeds on" here? Thanks.


Sir, I was reading a book in whcih the word nowadays was written like "now-a-days". Is "now-a-days" correct? Thanks.


Sir, I have to use during and for in some sentences. 1.I read a story book during holidays. 2.I have not seen him for months. 3.It rains a lot during the day. 4.IT...

Like/Such As?

Sir, 1.I (water) have smaller home also like ponds,rivers, and lakes. 2.I (water) have smaller home also such as ponds,rivers, and lakes. are the usage of "like" and "such...

Called Out?

Sir, 1.He called out loudly. 2.HE called loudly. What is difference in meaning between the two sentences? Thanks.


Sir, They all(about stars) huge ball of hot gases having light of their own. usage of "having" is correct here? Thanks.

Sos!Whatdoesitmean W/E?

tel office 2542-8313,w/e 2980-2547 w/e,what doed it mean? its a bachelor flat for rent


plz just tell me when we can use .......would

Out Of?

Hello, I have a question about the utilisation of "out of" in the following sentence: "Durind the day armed men had positioned themselves around the beach out of fear of a Japanese...

Go Here?

As far as I know, people say 'go there' or 'come here.' They do not say 'come there' or 'go here.' Why do some ads use the following sentence? To remove yourself from future...


Is this sentence well-formed and natural? - He is a farmer by profession. Thank you very much.

A Question?

--You look out. --Yes, ______ . A.I'm running B.I've been running C.I've stopped running Which is right, and why?

Grammar Doubts?

1) “On the other hand, it is possible that he conserves the notion of an objective reality as legitimate, but denies that science, or any other conception of the world, can describe...
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