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Why Be Anonymous?

Writing A Notice To An Award?

can anyone please tell me if this is correct? - the deadline for presentation of candidatures is 31th october 2004. Once the award has been announced, the prize will be given...

Long And Short Forms Of Have And Be?

Please tell me in which cases the long form and in which cases the short form of be and have are used? Thanks in advance Tatyana Erochina

Expression Of Purpose : To Or For ?

Hello everyone Could anyone tell me the difference between to and for when it comes to expressing purpose with a verb ? I read on a website that the "for " structure had to be...

One Word For Many Word?

Part of film which show particular event

Writing Titles?

I'm wondering if someone knows a list of the words that are written with a small first letter in titles. You know, a, an, the, in, on... (a title: "The Attack of the Slimy Monsters...

Hypheneted Adjectives?

Hello, I am wondering whether I can use these compund words in written text and if it is written correctly (including capital letters): 1. ... results in a cost-of-sale reduction...


are the following questions correct 1.whom did you bring here? (to ask who was with you) 2.who did bring you here? (to ask who brought you here)

Word Class And Ungrammatical Sequence...

I. The noise annoyed me. Which word class is annoyed and why? 2. I was very annoyed. " annoyed " ? 3. She had a late night...

Grammar Question?

Could someone please tell me if there is a web site that shows what grammatical corrections mean?

Help Trying To Finish Research Paper?

My teacher proofread a page of my paper and this is what she put on it . . . . ...

Questions About Quoting Song Lyrics?

Hi- I need to know the proper grammer for quoting a song lyric in a press release! thank you-


Suppose i am going to ask somebody where does a specific person sits. Should i ask,Where does Mr.Johnson sits.Is it right.

A Or An Before A Word Starting With Vowel...

Hi, every word starting with a vowel is preecceded by "an" instead of "a"? ie: a user? or an user?


It is she who received the free airline ticket. She has more time available than me for handling this project. Did you see Cheryl and he at the opening session? Each student...

Capitalization And Punctuation?

Hi to All, I wonder why most people today say, "Hi all," in email salutations. Is that correct? Also, in greetings -- Don't we say, "Good Morning," rather than, "Good morning...

Isn't It Or Isn't That?

which one is correct? i) That's amazing, isn't it. ii) That's amazing, isn't that.

Singular &Amp; Plurals?

Plural for equine please.


I miss the old days/ I miss the old times. Are both correct?

I Need Help In Comparison?

Hi everybody, I'm really confused in comparison.which of these sentences is correct ? 1- can I say that something is much more friendly than something 2- or I can say that...

Major And Minor Errors In Grammar?

What would you consider to be a major or minor error in grammar?

Each Other?

I sometimes get mixed up with each other, another, one another, any other and so on. Could you give us some examples to clarify their meanings.

Useage Of The Words Got And Have?

Is it correct to say I've got it?

Insight About/Into/In/Over ?

Hello, I hate the preposition in English! lol I want to say that the product that I'm offering offer the persons the ability to better understand their website visitor/traffic...

Woke Up?

-When he woke me up last night it must have been around two. -When he woke me up last night it was way past one thirty. Are these two sentences correct?


I don't know how it is correct????? He didn’t want to see the bikes in his holiday, too. Is it holiday or holidays? Can you say "in"? Thanks, for your answer! ...
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