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Why Be Anonymous?

Use Of 'To Allow'?

Ciao, I've found in several places the expression: "It allows to do something" But is it correct? Or should it be: "It allows one to do something" or "It allows doing...


is this correct ??? All of you all ...... is this correct ??


-We have the whole month in front of us. -We have the whole month before us. Are these two sentences correct? What do you think?

Verb Singular Or Plural?

Which is correct? Following is a Floor Plan and Fact Sheet or Following are a Floor Plan and Fact Sheet

I've Moved Vs. I Moved?

Which of these two sentences is correct? I have moved to a new office. I moved to a new office. If both are correct, how does the meaning differ by including or excluding...

Pronoun Useage?

Should I use the pronoun "me" or "myself" when writing: "The report was completed by (me/myself)."


Mr Smolensky's banking business - now renamed OVK - has since been resuscitated and, even though he has moved Mr Smolensky's banking business - now renamed OVK - has since been...

Action Verbs?

Hi I would like to know if there existed any quick method to find an action verb for any given word. If anyone could help me, please do elaborate over that.

Advanced And Progressive?

Hi,everybody! who can tell me which is correct 1) or(2)? what distinction is between them? (!)I learned some advanced English words from my foreigner friends (2)I learned...

Basic Problem2?

When to use "Will"And When to use "would"? Please help

Parallelism Combine Sentence?

Parallelism: Combining Sentences Combine each set of sentences into a single sentence, using parallel structures where appropriate. Example: English began as a Germanic language...

A Question?

can you tell me why the answer B is right? text questions:Excuse me ,sir. Would you do me a favor? of couse. what is it?I___if you could tell me how to fill out this form? A had...

He She It Uses An?

He She It uses an s eg. he means, she means, It means and the rest uses "mean" (I, You etc...) so if we use "The" what form do we use? Thanks in Advance : )

Proper Punctuation?

What is the correct punctuation for the end of this sentence A or B? This is quoted from a paragraph of someone being interviewed. I still enjoy a good guy movie, you know...


What does cramp your style mean? If I say he is cramping my style, what would you understand?

Grammar Questions,Thank You?

1.Humus,a substance(A) found in soil,is soft and spongy and(B) enables plant roots to send out tiny hairs(C) through that(D) they absorb water and food. I dont understand...

Any Help?

Hi, English isn't my first language, I have problems with speaking it. I want to speak more professionally. The problem is, eveytime i say something i seem to think of my...

Going Up Or Going Down?

If I want to describe going to a place how is it determined whether I am going up or going down? Thanks Matt.

Sentence Analysis?

It would appear that there are two formal nights when you can all get dressed up I should be grateful if someone can analyse the above sentence The grammar section of word...

Reflexive Pronouns?

Indians usually have the habit of adding the reflexive pronouns 'itself' for emphasis e.g. "I wrote to David yesterday itself" - 'I want this done today itself' etc. Could some...

Our Memorable Nine?

I'm writing a story, in the story, 9 heroes died and people remembered them as "Our Memorable Nine" and thus the name of the story is OM9. Actually OM9 stands for something else...

The Infinitive Form?

i'm very confused these following sentenses: 1.More bus-only lanes are introduced within the next six months and others are on the drawing board. Compare:More bus-only lanes...

Basic Problem?

What is the diffrence between these two sentenceses 1)WHERE ARE YOU? 2)WHERE YOU ARE? Please help me out

Which One Is Correct?

Do you have any pens? OR Do you have any pen? Thanks

Spot And Black-Out?

(1) Does "spot" mean "hot water" below? TiVo, the company that makes the digital-video-recorder boxes that inspire such strange idolatry among their users, is in a weird spot...
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