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Why Be Anonymous?

Restrictive Clauses:?

I need help with the following sentence: Between October 01, 2003 and October 31, 2003 we devalued 55 units which had a principal balance of $555,555. In the above sentence...


I would like to know what is grammatically wrong with the following sentence. " I can make a photograph"

Can You Please Explain The?

Can you please explain the rule to determine if one should use "like" or "as". For example, is it correct to say: Her mood was changing like the weather. Or, Her mood changing...


When a friend says "sincere regards" at end of e-mails...? what does it mean? Thank you.

Verify The Correctness Of The Some Sentences...

I want to know are the both sentences giving the same meaning & are those gramttically correct. (1) HR department received the letter from Accounts department. (2) The letter...

Spelling Mistake?

i make a lot of spellig mistakes and unable to write a letter confidently. what can i do for that. you may suggest me some ways to build up confiance.

Grammar Question?

In this, "The coolest thing in the world though is ctrl+backspace. It deletes a words/strings that aren't separated by spaces instead of just letters. So kudos to whoever ...

Find The Grammar Error?

1. Important as foods, carbohydrates supply energy and are used to make fats.

Adj. With Ing.Help Please?

so i have a problem with the verbs that are transform in adjectives....such as rocking chair ,and sleeping bag,or speaking book....i know that the first two are for use rocking...

Please Correct!!!?

Dear Teachers, Could you correct these for me? Thank you very much!!! Best regards, Yang Chih-Chieh 1.Everything is ever changing. When one cling to the enternity of it...

Lay, Lie, Laid?

So that I may be a better home schooling parent for my teenage daughter, please confirm or correct the following for me. Thank you so much! Person who is doing the lying down...

Help Me Please Some Questions?

ok so,first....i would say"he drinks and eats to much' or he drinks and eat to much"without the "s' secondly i would say"when i first tried it" or when i tried it first/when...

Typing Ok?

when typing in a sentence is it proper to say "ok" or "okay"?

Find Grammar Error?

Early english burleque often ridiculed celebrated literary works and sentimentally drama.

What Are The Possible Meanings Of This...

I was looking for different views as to what the possible meanings of this statement could be. If different meanings are possible with the words used according to their dictionary...

On Or In New Year's Eve?

Which preposition do you use?

Free Drinkers?

Hi to all, I'm looking for a word (english slang) to describe people who always try to drink for free in parties, each time finding different arguments... Thanks


There was a pre-historic animal called 'Mayacine' or 'Miacin'. Could any one tell me the correct spelling of the name of that animal. I will be delighted if someone could...

Who And Whom?

Hi This is my first time to post a message here.... I don't know when we should use who and whom, anyone can help me?

Awkward Sentence?

"Friends are always having way more fun than it really makes sense to be having." Is this sentence correct despite being awkward?

Have A Mash?

The dictionary showed me the following sentence as an example of the usage of this expression: I certainly seemed to have a mash on her. (O. Henry) The dictionary claims...


it's him. it's he. it's her. it's she. how do i figure out what to use? someone pls help. thanks in advance.

To Clear Our Views Of English Grammar...

I want to have few examples of metaphor & simile. They are figures of speech in english.

Find Grammar Error?

1. Stars provided early astronomer with a reference system for measuring the motions of planets, the moon and the sun.

What Does The P And?

What does the P and S mean at the end of a letter??
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