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Why Be Anonymous?

Spacing When Using The Slash...

Simple formatting question... when you use a slash, what is the appropriate spacing? Should there be spacing before and after, or no spacing at all? Example: walk/run ...

When To Use What?

Hi! I had posted this message yesterday already once, but it somehow got deleted. What I wanted to ask is when to use the word tissue, and when to use handkerchief what...

To Lost, To Be Lost?

This movement came about as a result of many soliders (lose) their eyesight during W.W.I I think to be lost is right, but I'm not sure which one is correct?


Hello, I need help in doing my assingment... Could someone correct this sentence please? George looks well in a tuxedo.

Grammatical Corrections?

Dear Teachers, Could you pick up ungrammatical or unclearly sentences to correct? Thank You Very Much!!! 1. If we keep learning and introspecting minds, we will keep away...


What is the meaning of this: Please consider my academic integrity

What Are These Called?

Please tell me what all these are called. I am trying to train some voice recognition software and need to know the following called. : ; " Thanks


Hi folks, I'm just wondering how to respond when someone says howdy. Thanks in advanced.

Hyphenating Adjective/Noun Phrases?

Hi. I proofread automotive copy for car catalogs. There is a phrase that we use that is under debate regarding the use of hyphens. Please review the two phrases and let me know...

In My Life Or Of My Life?

Hello! 1. Which sounds more natural, a or b? a) Yesterday was the most wonderful day in my life. b) Yesteday was the most wonderful day of my life. 2. Are the two interchageable...

I Have Always Had A?

I have always had a hard time figuring out whether to use 'I' or 'Me'. Could someone please explain with some examples to me? Thanks in advance. My boyfriend and I will be moving...

Proper Plurals?

What is the proper plural form for "time out?"


which one is correct? any further clarifications or any further clarification

Fear For?

Is the usage of the word "for" after the word"fear" wrong?

Subject/Verb Agreement?

"It's the friends we meet along life's way who make the trip more fun." What is the specifiic rule to reference when editing this sentence?

Correct Me Pls?

I said hi earlier but you didn't care to say hi back to me. Does this sound right?

Hang Gliding?

What do you call the person who is hang gliding? I don't think we can call him/her `hang glider', can we? (I don't think we can call him/her `hang glider', can we?) Is this...

I Got A Little Slicer Happy.

I watched the Jerry Seinfeld show ( the slicer episode ). Elaine borrowed the meat slicer from Kramer and she used it to make her shoes' heals even. One of heals stuck in it...

Is This Correct?

Is the 'where' after 'anywhere' superfluous in the following sentence? "This can be accessed from anywhere where there is connection to the web" Thanks for your help

Punctuate 'Viz'?

How is the word "viz" (videlicet) punctuated?


Hello! I have certain problems with prepositions in English language. Could you please check the following sentence and decide whether the preposition AT is correct. therefore...

Abstract Idea...

To put and abstract idea into close-up words, you would use an impersonal description, a general description, or a concret description?

Grammer Question?

Would you please let me know if " in compare to" is correct

He Was 'Being' Honest?

Hi all, I am not a native English speaker and don't know the difference between: "He was honest" and "He was being honest" Any help? Thanks.


Would you capitalize "the White people should treat the Black people..." or Black protestors?????? Is there a time when you should capitalize Black people or White people??...
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