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Why Be Anonymous?

Need Grammar Lesson?

Will someone please tell me what "cf." means. Thank you.

Noun, Possessive Agreement.

Is it now considered correct to use "them" or "their" after a singular noun such as "someone", or "person", in order to avoid the awkward phrase "him or her?" For example, are...

Page Numbers?

what is it called when -***- or -###- is at the bottom of a page and where did it originate from?

'Such As' And 'For Example'?

Is there a difference between "such as" and "for example" in the sense that one is limiting and the other is not? Is "such as" limiting? If I say "I like animals such as lions...


May I know why there is no such word in many dictionaries ? It is supposed to be a water mark left after something is being washed.

Head Over Heels?

Is the phrase "laugh head over heels" correct ?


hello, I would like to know when i use "rather" in the sentences, what is the meaning of this word? thanks Eric

Difference Between Well And We'll?

Am I right? We'll is the conjunction of we will. What about well. I know it is used in wishing someone to get well. Could anybody else think of anymore? Let's brainstorm.

Clarification On Directions?

I read your other question about capitalizing directions or not, but here's a follow up question: what about when one is traveling in a particular direction, say northbound. Is...

Second Person Or Third Person?

In the following sentence is "officers" second person or third person? ( I am refering to myself as one of the officers) "Officers were dispatched to the Shell station about...

Problem With Sequence Of Tenses?

Hi Do I say: I thought of breaking the bad news to him once he comes home OR I thought of breaking the bad news to him once he came home or should it be something else? ...

Preposition: For?

Dear all, Please look at these sentences: >Don't tell us the answer. We'll work it out for ourselves. >Can I change the word 'for' to 'by' or omit it altogether without changing...

Confused About Can And Could?

Please explain the difference between using can and could. Please give me some different scenario of can and could in sentences. Thank you!


what is break


Could anybody tell me when do you use "here" and "there" at the beginning of a sentence? I am sure I have heard the following sentences but I can't explain why they are used in...

Use Of 'Which' And 'That'?

My granddaughter and I were discussing the use of "which" and "that" in grammatically correct sentences. She is teaching a course and drew a complete blank as to the rule. Is...

Word Usage For 'Display'?

(Foreword: I could not get my new account working right initially — maybe because I linked here from Hotmail. In frustration I posted something similar *** a bit earlier. Apologies...

Can 'Its' Be Used As A Pronoun?

"Its" is usually used as an adjective. However, I sometimes encounter it being used as a pronoun, as in "I ate my dinner and the dog ate its." Is this an accepted use of "its...

Use Of Articles With North, South, East...

I would be very grateful if you could give some rules to know when I have to use, North England or the North of England. I need to know when the article is needed and when it...

Is This Sentencing Right If It Had Happened...

"English forum had farworded my papers to a client." Is this sentencing right if it had happened in the last week?


fabricate is to excuse sew is to needle? interview is to reporter? tell is to story? puncture is to hole? witness is to material? which one

I Found "O'er" In The?

I found "o'er" in the lyrics of a song, can anyone tell me what that means? The sentance: "If thou wouldst draw a veil for Me O'er lengthening scars of age and grief"

English Speakers In The World

Hi . I have two questions if you can answer me . 1. how many countries use english as a first language ? 2. how many people speak english all over the world ? I hope that...

Their / There?

I would like someone to explain when and how these two word are used? Thank Susie

Too Or Also?

Can anyone tell me the difference of too and also. How should they be used in a sentence? Thanks Susie
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