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Why Be Anonymous?

Please Read The Following Passage?

Please read the following passage first, though it is a bit long. Pets are good for our mental health as well as our physical health. One dog trainer says: "Having to keep one...

Absolutely Ridiculous 'Montage' Debate...

My father and I were watching a reality show when I made the comment that it was scripted and fake. He then said, "Yes, the show is a montage." I asked him to specify, since...

Good Or Well?

Should I say, "I am good," or "I am well," in response to my feelings or my general state of being. It seems that I am describing myself, a pronoun in this case, so I should...


Hi! I'd like to ask you do you think this site is good for teaching purpose . Couls you please tell me How can i use this site as commmunication tool.

Commas And Spacing After Sentences?

When using a comma in a list or series is it now correct to omit the last comma before the "and" (i.e. good, bad and ugly)? I need the document name or reference authority on...


Could you explain about theory of prepositions ?

I Couldn't Believe My Ears?

Can you say "i couldn't believe my ears" meaning "i couldn't believe what i was hearing"?

To Quote Or Not To Quote?

Can anyone help me with the punctuation needed for the following: Clay laughed to himslef and thought, "What a woman!" Does the character's thought get quotation marks? ...

How Do I Attain A Better Communicative...

Hello, I'd like to know whether someone is able to help me attaining a higher proficiency at English. What would be the most efficient training (especially writing) ? Reading...

Dispense Or Disperse?

Does anybody know the difference in between these two words ?

Which Sentence Is Right?

1) Have you seriously thought about the tax on your costs? 2) Have you thought seriously about the tax on your costs? Thanks for your help.

Passive Vs Active Sentences?

Was wondering if there was anyone out there that can help direct me to a web page to help me with creating an activity explaining how to switch an active sentence into a passive...

Grammar Help?

I feel foolish for asking this but I need to know which sentence is grammatically correct: "It is I who has collected the prize." "It is I who have collected the prize."

Correct Usage Would/Should?

In formal business correspondence, which would be the more correct sentence and why?; "I would be grateful if you would kindly render him all necessary assistance"; "I should...


hi, could any one help me to give the meaning of the PHRASE, "The Early Bird Catches The Worm." thanks vrushalikotkar

A Grammar Sentence?

Hi everyone! I made a mistake in a toefl grammar sentence. The average soda can [ has a ] tensile [strong] [ capable of ] supporting [ a weight of ] one hundred kilograms...

Put Into Practice?

Please tell me what the difference is. a) Have solar batteries been put into practical use? b) Have solar batteries been put into practice? Thanks in advance. Kamo


Having children, they couldn't spend as much time together as they would have desired. Is this sentence ambiguous? Why?

'The Painter' Or 'A Painter'?

I took a photo of a man(I didn't know this guy before) painting at sea. It turned out as a great photo and i need to title this picture to post on a website. Should I title...

Puzzling 'The's?

The dollar is the unit of currency in the US. Is it suitable to omit the first "The" ?? Can I add "the" before the word " currency "?????

Correct Use Of The Colon?

Hello everyone, I have a question about the correct use of a colon. I am writing an article for someone, and my client insists that I use a colon instead of a comma in the...

Hyphen Please?

how do i use this thing i really concern about it,for instance "it was a high-impact bombing attack.i dont know really how can i use it,for example a black-hair guy is a guy of...


What's the plural of mother-in-law. I know you say my in-laws when you refer to both mother and father. Where would you put the "S"?


When using Dad or Mom in a letter, do you always capitalize them. Example. We are at peace with Dad? or dad? or We spent a lot of time with our Father or father?

I Have Been Asked To?

I have been asked to write a paper on Golf Etiquette. Could someone tell me how do i start? what if i number my sentences?
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