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Why Be Anonymous?

S` Or`S?


Two Ultra-Grammar Problems?

If anyone can answer these from an ultra-correct grammar point of view, I'd be very grateful. 1. In the sentence: "Help me ? the street," which is correct "cross" or "across...

Got Me With?

What does "She got me with nothing to win and nothing to lose" mean?

Do You Think You Could?

Do you think you could fit 200 hundred people in a house? Is fit correctly used?

Foreign Student Of English?

Please I would like to know the correct way of saying who am I: This is Carlos from Spain ... or I am Carlos from ...? THIS IS OR "I AM"? Thank you very much

The Word Order?

1.I have an appointment with Dr. Rogert 3 p.m. 2.The game starts at 7:30 in Athens. 3.I have an appointment at 3 p.m. with Dr. Rogert. 4.The games starts in Athens at...

What Does The Word 'Chet'?

What does the word 'Chet' mean? "I can't play Chet, but I'll see what I can do!" Help me! Got little time!

I Have Problem With Subject Verb Agreement...

i hve problem with suject verb agreement. the students ask me why do we put s or es alongwith the verb in case of a sigular subject in present indefinite tense. they understand...

A Needle In A Stack Of Hay?

Some software pirates are part of organised crime gangs and tend to keep a very low profile online he explained. Others are chattier, using bulletin boards to discuss the latest...

Reach Him Or Reach It?

What's the difference between these two sentences: a) John is going to the theatre right now. Hurry up, you can still reach it. b) John is going to the theatre right now. Hurry...

Verb 'Delay'?

My students write: "I'll delay this proces because of your health." "We have to dealy or meeting because of her" I was delaying the train ...." I am dalaying my trip to Amsterdam...

Pomp And Circumstance?

Germany and France became founding members of the European Coal and Steel Community, and later the Common Market, the predecessor of the European Union. In 1963, President...

If Clauses?

Is it possible to use the 'going to ' future in the main clause of an if- clause Type I? Example: If it rains next weekend I'm going to fly to Russia.

Do You Think My Head?

Do you think my head is up in the clouds? Do you think my head is high in the clouds? Which of the two?

Place Of Suject?

As a Dutch studend od English I like to ask a question. What is correct: 1) The car of my father is blue 2) My father's car is blue. or 3) The weather of today is very...

What Are Doing? What The?

What are doing? What the heck are you doing? What is the difference between the above quesitons?

A Strange Sentence?

Can anyone help, please? Last Wednesday, we were talking about the passive voice in class, and we found something in a book called "English Syntax: A Grammar for English Language...

Because/Because Of?

_____________________ in the cultivation of a forest,trees need more careful planning than other crops does. A- Because the time and area involved b- Because of the time and...


There has never been anyone or someone like you except for what you know what. Which of the two possibilities is correct?

Discourse Operators?

Is Discourse operator the same notion as The discourse markers? i'm trying to understand the difference here... my professor gave me a task to write a short report on discourse...

Editing / Proof Reading?

Greetings: Please help me. I have been asked to draft general rules and regulations for a kindergarten. I have attempted following. Could u please check and correct or suggest...

None Finite Verbless Clause---Help?

Pls provide an article,whose title is below, none finite verbless clause 1.without subject or subordinator 2.with subject 3.with subordinator, 3.1 infinitive 3.2 ...

True Or Truth?

What do you do when nobody believes you are telling the truth/true? Which one is correct?

Verbs/Time Reference?

if i( inherited) a lot of money when you( have finished) i wish i (knew) what need to consider re tenses? thankyou jb Email Removed

I Feel Like Asking A Question?

Dear English Forums: How it is said in English when I wish very much to do something without using the verb to wish or another verb, that is, by using "I feel like verb+ing"...
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